Friday, December 6, 2013

Awe-Inspiring Tour of Artis-Naples - Best Art Museum in Naples FL

Naples, has the second highest proportion of millionaires per capita in the United States and real estate prices is at an all time high. The price of a home in Naples Florida could easily burn a $40 million hole in your pocket.
Naples feature some of the most exclusive, albeit expensive, places and tourist attractions in the country and they include the likes of Keewaydin ClubThe Naples PlayersPalm Cottage and Naples Depot.
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Planning a Kid-Friendly Outing For the Kids in Florida

Are you a teacher or an event organizer trying to put together a school trip for young kids? Perhaps you are college counselor hunting for places to visit for your students during summer camp. Then we have just the right mix of suggestions and tourist attractions for you. If you are not currently looking for a place but think that our suggestions might come in handy to you in the near future, please feel free to bookmark this page and come back a little later when you are ready. We feel that the feedback and suggestions from our charter bus FL customers who regularly organize school field trips for their students will be useful to you.
Kids usually fall in head over heels in love with Hoggetowne Medieval Faire....simply because it is so different from all other ‘boring’ tours around museums and historical tourist attractions. They are held, every year, on two consecutive weekends so, if you miss one, you can always book a place for yourself the following weekend. Event organizers promotes their School Day annually and the reception is always overwhelming and if you book a place early, you stand a chance to win free education guide which can be used during the trip. Unique handicraft shops offer charming jewelry and hand-made items for sale and it makes perfect souvenirs for family and friends who are unable to join you for this charter bus FL exciting trip. You can bring along your own snacks, food and drinks but what they offer, which is medieval cooking, is far more interesting.
If that isn’t what you are looking for, there is always Rogers Farm and Corn Maze. The farm is family-owned and provides for hours on end of worthy entertainment and they are geared towards younger children. Teaching kids about farm life and nature is fun this way. What more are they treated to? How about a tractor pulling the children around the huge farm? Without fail, it always incites loud laughter and incessant squealing amongst the kids. Surprisingly, there are lot of animals in the farm’s petting zoo so, bring the kids over for a thrilling time getting to know the farm animals. After that, let them hop onto a giant jumping pillow and find their way through a fun mini-corn maze and try out an ingenious device called the Corn Launcher.
Set at an affordable rate, these family-friendly activities are designed, without a doubt, with kids in mind. Their aim is to let kids have some fun while learning something new about the world that they live in. Minus all the gadgets, electronic devices or internet. It will open up a whole new world to them, we reckon.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Visiting the Old Jail

Many would assume that you would expect paranormal activities or happenings in cemeteries, but did you know that such happenings also exist in old jails? For those who are brave and enjoy visiting “spooky” places, there are a lot of places that one can do that. But, if you want an extraordinary kind of experience, then visiting the Old Jail at 167 San Marco Avenue, St Augustine, Florida is just place that you might want to consider going with your friends on a Florida bus charter.

If you have always been fascinated with the supernatural and paranormal things in life, and you are also one of those really daring ones, why not plan a trip with your friends (if they are as daring as you are, that is) to take up a Ghost Tour at the Old Jail this coming Halloween? Sounds like a crazy, ghostly idea? Of course it is – and it will be one that you and your friends will remember for the rest of your lives. The Ghost Tour at the Old Jail is available on Friday and Saturday nights, from 7pm until 10pm, but advanced reservations or bookings are required, so be sure to check their website for details in making a reservation for the tour. The Ghost tour takes about one hour and twenty minutes, and they do not encourage participation from those who are 13 years old and below due to the nature of the tour. They also encourage visitors or participants to wear comfortable shoes as they will be doing a lot of walking during the tour.

If you prefer not to have a scary, ghostly tour at the Old Jail, they also welcome visitors during the day, but we don’t guarantee that it is less scary or less spooky during the day. You and your friends will, however, learn about the history of the Old Jail and some of the notorious criminals who have met their Creator here. Also, don’t be too shocked or surprised if you do hear some weird sounds as you tour the place. They say that lingering spirits are literally there to make their presence felt. Don’t forget to make a booking for a FL charter bus for this trip to the Old Jail with your friends – you will be glad that you did, especially if some of your friends are spooked out after the tour, and they can’t wait for you to get your car key out so that they can climb back into the car immediately and head home.

Monday, July 29, 2013

St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Speedboat Tours

In one short sentence, it is easy to describe the experience of speeding away in your very own speedboat - a once in a lifetime experience. The self-driven speedboat gives you absolute control over your own vehicle. The speedboat tour is narrated throughout the fifteen miles which starts off both from Tampa Bay or Florida’s St. Petersburg, so pick your start-off point and get the FL charter bus driver to bring you and your family and friends over for a chance to take a two hour tour of Florida’s gorgeous coastline.
The tour takes charter bus rental visitors around to popular coastal sites like the serene Tampa bay, the jaw-droppingly beautiful Sunshine Skyway Bridge and also all around to Florida’s much-appreciated National Wildlife Refuges and Fort de Soto Park. If perchance you are in luck, beautiful sea creatures will greet you during the tour and they include the likes of Bottlenose Dolphins, Manatees, Tortoises and of course, not to mention the fact that the sky will be filled with gorgeous local variety of birds.
Some may be worried if a license or specific experience is needed to operate a speedboat...the owners and operators assures us that it is completely possible and easy to navigate your very own F13 mini speed boat...and a very useful USCG-approved life jacket is not merely provided, it is compulsory for users of these speedboats to put them on before getting on the boats. Visitors will also be given driving guides before and during their tour.
The chance to take over the wheel of your very own mini speed boat comes extremely rarely if you stay and work in a downtown city area, so, we strongly recommend taking the opportunity to speed things up in the waters of Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg when the chance presents itself. It is, very much, a chance of a lifetime.
Our Florida charter bus rental customers have all rave reviews about their experience here, all saying that despite initially feeling a little anxious about their own ability to handle a speedboat, the witty guide offered much assurance as they guide them all along in their own speedboat. They were attentive and listened well to their concerns. It helped that the thirteen foot mini speedboats were comfortable and stable, on top of making the visitors feel very safe. Each of these powerful speedboats can sit up to three persons at any one time and feels pretty much like a car.
So, throttle on, folks, who are going to head over for the speedboat tour of your own and in the meantime, please do give Charter Bus FL a call right now to find out more about our FL charter bus rental rates for your group vacation, holidays or gatherings. we look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Romancing Under The Moon Courtesy Of St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

Alright – we all know summer is approaching and fun in the sun is something to be expected, but no one ever said that you can’t have fun under the moon too, right? If you agree that summer fun time can also be something that’s under the moon , then charter a bus to the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum for a romantic rendezvous under the moon.

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum is located at 81 Lighthouse Ave, Saint Augustine, FL 32084 – a spot that your rented bus driver will easily find, especially if this is a place he’s always been sending his passengers for visits. Getting lost is something that will not happen when you travel in a rented bus with an experienced charter bus FL driver.

Visits to lighthouses are fun – for adults and kids alike. And it becomes even more interesting when you charter a bus to the lighthouses, and in this case, the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum. What makes this lighthouse extra special is that they have different types of guided tours for different types of groups – such as the “Dark of the Moon” tour where you will hear of stories of mystical and paranormal encounters of people who worked, lived or visited the Lighthouse and then you are given the opportunity to explore on your own too, “Behind the Scenes” tour presents visitors the chance to access into parts of the Historic Light Station that is not offered with general admission, “Sunset Moonrise” tour only happens once a month as the name suggests, you get to enjoy a sunset and full moonrise atop the Lighthouse, and last not but least, the “Lost Ships Tour” that allows you to one and half hour private tour with one of the Lighthouse’s archaeologists.

Whether you want to take your girlfriend there for a romantic rendezvous, or have a group of friends come with you on a trip to check out the “ghost stories” of the past at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum, you will not regret making a trip here in the chartered bus. Even people who have fear of heights have walked right up to the top of the Lighthouse and totally enjoyed the beautiful scenery from atop! The steps leading to the top of the Lighthouse is not steep and are pretty wide too, so you don’t feel as though you are being squeezed into tiny flight of steps.

So, what are you waiting for? While most people will be busy planning their summer vacations with fun in the sun kind of activities, why not make this summer a little different – charter a bus and make it a fun under the moon outing for a change!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Charter Bus tour of the Florida Everglades

The Everglades National Park in Florida encompasses a combination of habitats that together make up an extraordinary and valuable ecosystem. The park is a Biosphere Reserve, an Outstanding Florida Water and a World Heritage Site, providing charter bus visitors glimpses of endangered and threatened species, miles of paddling trails and remarkable photography opportunities. Plan a visit to the Everglades with a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus chartered from Charter Bus Florida and prepare to be amazed at the extraordinary flora and fauna.
"Largest" is the superlative most often used by charter bus visitors for the Everglades. The region is the largest subtropical wetland ecosystem in North America, the largest wilderness in the Southeast and the largest mangrove ecosystem in the western hemisphere. The Everglades contain the largest stand of sawgrass prairie in North America and are the most important breeding ground for tropical wading birds on the continent. Originally 11,000 square miles in size, the section of the Everglades designated a national park which Florida charter bus visitors can visit now covers 1.5 million acres.
Charter bus visitors will be surprised to know that the Everglades, called the River of Grass because the area is largely a river sometimes 60 miles wide, is not a marsh or swamp. Native Americans called it pahayokee, or the grassy waters. The ecosystem protects 14 endangered and nine threatened species, including the Florida panther, the Atlantic Ridley turtle and the American crocodile. Plants from both tropical and temperate climates thrive in nine distinct habitats in the Everglades. The dominant life form in the national park is periphyton, a combination of algae and microbes that floats on the surface of most of the bodies of water.
Calusa Indians inhabited South Florida as early as 1000 B.C. The highly developed culture traveled long canoe trails and left artifacts such as shell tools and carved wood. The Calusa declined with the introduction of disease by European settlers and were replaced by tribes from the Creek nation. Gladesmen, the Florida equivalent of the American West's mountain man, survived off the land, hunting, trapping and staying in camps up until the creation of the national park. Marjory Stoneman Douglas, the “Lady of the Everglades,” was among the first to recognize the ecosystem's importance to human and animal life. She authored five books on the Everglades, including “Everglades: River of Grass”, which charter bus visitors should read if they are interested in finding out more about this unique eco-system.
The best charter bus visitors can view the Everglades is with Airboats, shallow-draft craft with a large propeller in the rear that uses air to propel the boat, and are a classic form of transportation in the Everglades. Several Florida old-timers claim to have invented the cross between an airplane and a boat, but the airboat was perfected in Nova Scotia in 1905. Built to test airplane engines and propellers rather than transport humans across the water, the invention was one among many built by Alexander Graham Bell. Airboats weren't a common Everglades mode of transportation until the 1950s, after the establishment of the national park in 1947.
Visit the Everglades in your charter bus today by giving Charter Bus Florida a call and letting them help you plan your charter bus transport needs.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Food delights in Florida

Possibly the freshest seafood to be found is in the southeast of Florida, known for its sunny weather and sandy beaches. There is no main fish market in southeast Florida, which means restaurants take advantage by getting their dishes directly off the boat. While selections such as grouper, mahi mahi, tuna, wahoo, jack and Florida lobster feature prominently, possibly the most famous local seafood is the stone crab. The very best seafood restaurants in southeast Florida change their menu daily to reflect the day’s catch, and there is no better way to travel than with a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus chartered from Charter Bus Florida to find out what’s on the menu.
Located a short charter bus ride away in trendy South Beach, Joe's Stone Crab is a South Florida institution. Joe's has been serving up stone crabs since 1913, and because Joe’s doesn’t take reservations, charter bus diners still wait for hours to dine on these succulent crustaceans. Joe's serves up stone crab claws at market prices and has a full menu of seafood, chops and sides. Joe's is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner during stone crab season, which runs from October to May.
Opened in 1955, The Rustic Inn in Fort Lauderdale still has the feel of a 1950s roadhouse restaurant. Charter bus diners are called to their table via intercom and can choose to dine either outside on the deck overlooking the water, or in one of the dining rooms. The restaurant is famous for its garlic crabs, where charter bus diners crack crabs on newspaper covered tables using wooden mallets. A host of other seafood choices are available, and these are supplemented by the short, but well chosen, wine list.
The Old Florida Seafood House is easily reached by charter bus in Wilton Manors, and has been open since 1977. This restaurant serves that Florida delicacy, stone crabs, along with fresh seafood, steaks and vegetarian dishes. The menu is reassuringly traditional, and each entree is served with a salad, potato and vegetable. Charter bus diners should make it a point to come in early to catch the early dining specials, before the place fills up.
No one knows how to prepare fresh seafood better than the Italians, and in Altamare, the freshest seafood is caught fresh daily and served with a Mediterranean flair. This small restaurant in Miami Beach is a short ride away by charter bus, and charter bus diners come here for the fresh seafood that is brought directly to the kitchen from the sea, where it is prepared with traditional ingredients such as olive oil, garlic and vegetables that bring out, not mask, the flavor of the seafood. The huge wine selection features old world choices, and is designed to perfectly complement your meal.
For a trip through Florida in a search for the freshest seafood and best dining locations, give Bus Charter Florida a call to find out how they can help you plan your trip with a selection from their fleet of charter buses and friendly, personalized service.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Down in the Florida Keys

If you’re looking for something little off the beaten track, perhaps a bit quirky and outside the mainstream, charter a bus and take a trip down the Florida Keys. Cruising down the Overseas Highway with a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coaches or school bus
chartered from Charter Bus Florida is an easy, fuss free, fun filled way to see the Florida Keys. This laid back group of islands connected by an immense overwater highway has been attracting those who enjoy its easy pace of life and relaxed atmosphere since the time of naturalist John James Audubon.
Probably the single biggest reason most come to Florida Keys is for the scuba diving and snorkeling. There are numerous reefs, shipwrecks and artificial reefs in the Florida Keys, all of which are readily accessible to the charter bus visitor. Just drive up with your charter bus at the dive center of your choice, gear up and start diving. Some notable dive spots are U.S.S. Eagle in Islamorada, a 287 foot freighter that was sunk as an artificial reef, Christ of the Abyss and Molasses Reef in Key Largo, Sombrero Reef and Thunderbolt in Marathon. Different dive spots will suit divers of different skill levels, from the beginner snorkeler to the advanced technical deep diver. If you’re a group of scuba divers who prefers using their own gear, then chartering a bus to visit the Florida Keys for diving makes perfect sense, allowing you to carry your dive gear along without having to worry about space.
Although most come for the sun, sand and surf in the Florida Keys, charter bus visitors will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a thriving arts and craft community in the Keys, as well as several museums and art galleries. The Ernest Hemingway House in Key West is popular with charter bus tourists, where the Nobel Prize winning author lived and worked for a decade in the 30s. If you want to try your hand at craft and pottery, visit the Honest Works Island Pottery Co. in Truman Avenue. Artists Russell and Lever create their own style of island pottery, and also offer classes.
The Florida Keys have long had a Cuban influence, so it comes as no surprise to learn that food here tends to have a strong Caribbean influence, and is mostly seafood. If you’re taking a charter bus down to Florida Keys, stop by Buzzard’s Roost in Key Largo, Mile Marker 88 and Bob’s Bunz in Islamorada, Seven Fish and the Half Shell in Key West are notable places to have a memorable meal for your charter bus group. After hours, drinking spots abound, some on the beach, others located a little further inland.
When planning a charter bus visit to Florida, give Charter Bus Florida a call to find out how they can help you with their fleet of charter vehicles that can cater to any size group, and friendly, personalized service.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Diving with dolphins in Miami

When visiting Miami with a hired charter bus from Charter Bus Florida, take the time out to visit the Miami Seaquarium. Miami Seaquarium is located on island of Virginia Key, on Biscayne Bay. It is a short distance from downtown Miami and is the longest operating aquarium in the United States.
The Miami Seaquarium provides the visitor with shows, interactive exhibits and animal encounters. One of its most famous residents was Flipper, the star of a 1960s TV series about the adventures of a dolphin. Most of the episodes and both the Flipper movies were filmed in Miami Seaquarium. Although the dolphins are now all different, you can be sure that the charter bus rental visit is no less fun and interesting for the kids and growns-ups alike.
The current star of Miami Seaquarium is Lolita the killer whale. Headlining the Whale and Dolphin Show, Lolita and her Pacific White-sided dolphin co-stars thrill spectators with spectacular tricks and jumps during their charter bus tours. Lolita and her friends also play an important role in educating visitors about the life of marine mammals and the importance of marine conservation.
Aside from the star turn, there are also shows by Flipper, in the lagoon where much of the TV show was filmed, the Seal and Sea Lion Show, and the Top Deck Dolphin Show. After taking in a show, you can visit Discovery Bay. Home to 26 Nile River crocodiles, this mangrove environment also includes white tailed deer, rescued and rehabilitated sea turtles, indigenous fish and rays, alligators and a host of native wild birds.
Also take a look at the Manatee Presentation, where charter bus visitors can learn about these gentle aquatic creatures, learning about their life, and reasons for their endangerment. Continue on to the Shark Presentation. Here you can watch caretakers feed 200 pound nurse sharks, and learn more about why humans present more of a danger to sharks, than the other way around.
For an interactive experience, visit the Tropical Wings Exhibit. Here you get up close and personal with Southern and Cow-nose rays, and watch exotic birds. Tour bus rental vacation-goers can educate themselves about the rapidly depleting tropical rainforest, and learn why this unique eco-system is crucial for the world.
The Miami Seaquarium is open year round, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. General admission tickets are $37.95 for adults and $27.95 for children aged 3 to 9. Prices for the Dolphin Interaction range from $45.00 to $199.00. Parking is $8.00. All the prices do not include tax.
If you need friendly, efficient, cost effective and stylish transport, call Charter Bus Florida for your ground transportation needs when visiting Miami Seaquarium.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stay cool on a charter bus FL

Hiring a charter bus, FL or another destination, doesn't have to be a hassle. One of main reasons our charter bus FL company is chosen more often than any other is because of our attention to details and our overall commitment to good service. Corporations can also benefit from hiring a charter bus. Corporate events, meetings and seminars can be a breeze to organize when you use the services of a charter bus FL.
Have a large family? A charter bus FL can be a great way to let the family get together and ride to a location such as a park or rented hall to enjoy a huge get together. This is also a fun way to celebrate milestone anniversaries such as 25th or 50th wedding anniversaries. No one has to worry about driving; parking and everyone get to ride together in comfort and safety. A charter bus FL can take you where you want to get and get your there on time and safely.
Orlando attractions are FL’s and the world’s favorite playgrounds. Orlando has Universal Studios, Sea World, and Busch Gardens. But topping the list is Walt Disney World the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon. Fort Lauderdale's Los Olas Riverfront might be considered a Florida mall theme park, with its Spanish tile roofs, sunny courtyard concerts, and the adjoining trendy venues along the Riverwalk and Las Olas Boulevard. With flagship retailers, funky boutiques, weekend farmer's markets, and rollerblading beautiful people, the eight-block pedestrian mall on Lincoln Road in South Beach has been the model for half a century for what malls around the world aspire to be. Miami's 18-square-block Design District has opened the world of interior design to the public, with dozens of leading-edge furnishing showrooms and art galleries.
A common myth about charter buses is that they aren't comfortable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our charter buses have high back reclining seats and the interiors are definitely designed for the utmost in comfort. Our charter buses have restroom facilities, CD players, DVD players and excellent sound systems. We provide the driver that will get your coach bus group to and from every scheduled stop on time, every time. A charter bus FL is ready to show your group a pleasant and fun time. Let one of our trained reps answer all your questions and assist in helping you put together your next outing, let us design a package that fit your travel needs as well as your budget. Contact us today and enjoy a safe ride on a charter bus FL. You won’t regret it choosing to travel on a charter bus FL.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Florida, The Fishing Capital Of The World

We all know Florida for having one of the most vibrant and envied beach community in the world – there is an all-year-round fun in the sun to be had on the beaches. Florida is one of the most visited states in the country...and for a very good reason too, we assure you. People come here not just for the sunbathing and beach games, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service recently did a survey and revealed that many anglers and hunters make their way here for good ole fishing. And some communities and societies organize regular group trips here too.
The survey also revealed tons of good news; more than 3.1 million Floridians spend more than 57.6 million days scouring the waters for good catches. In fact, the survey compared the stats that they found with other stats in other parts of the world and concluded that Florida is, indeed, the fishing capital of the world...if not in the industrial sense, then considered in the sports sense.
And the amazing thing about visiting Florida with a party bus rental service is that everything is very diverse, people are always open and game to new things and this applies to the game of fishing as well. Things keep changing, people are upping the game and everyone taking on the challenge on their own accord. And if you think a party bus is a great way to party, they have stuff like a party boat in the Keys so that folks can group fish for yellowtail snappers and other specialty fishes. Grownups are not the only ones taking fishing to a whole new level, they including their kids too. Take, for instance, the opportunity to take kids to try to catch breams and crappies on Lake Okeechobee. It was most definitely a challenging but fun event for the little ones.
The games are so incredibly fun that some of them make it a point to book their Florida party bus rental a couple of months ahead of time so that they can come back for more of such exciting activities.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to enjoy a bus ride

So you have to take a bus to visit your aunt in Florida and you live a good 12 hours away. Before you groan about the long ride, there are ways to make the trip much more comfortable. Long bus rides can be an enjoyable experience if you take the proper precautions. Here’s how:
1.If the drive is long, find out if there will be breaks along the way. If you’re the type who just wants to nap most of the way, choose one with less breaks, while if you’re up for seeing different sights then choose the ones with enough stops to keep it interesting for you.

2.Choose a reputable bus company with a great safety record. Ask your family and friends for references.

3.Air-conditioning is a must. Make sure that you get to sit somewhere where you can adjust the temperature or turn it off if it gets too cold.

4.Toilets. You will have to go at some point, and its important to know that when you do there will be somewhere close by to do it, and that the company keeps it clean and functioning for passengers.

5.Try to find out who will be on the bus. Some bus companies will let you know if you will be traveling with seniors, with families (which might mean a lot of screaming kids) or if it will be a full bus. If the bus is loaded up to capacity you might be less comfortable than you would be if it were just half full.

6.Coach is always much more comfortable and usually offer a smoother ride. Try to opt for this, especially if you’re the type who gets queasy on long trips easily.
7.Leg room leg room leg room. Its important top have enough space to stretch during long rides, and if you’re carrying a luggage make sure there are overhead compartments to store it.

8.Does the bus company provide food and beverages? Will it let you eat on the bus? If snacking during a long ride is necessary for your comfort this is something you should really make sure of.

When you have a ways to go, it doesn’t hurt to be over-prepared so that you’ll be able to enjoy the long trip there. Happy travels!