Thursday, June 6, 2013

Romancing Under The Moon Courtesy Of St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

Alright – we all know summer is approaching and fun in the sun is something to be expected, but no one ever said that you can’t have fun under the moon too, right? If you agree that summer fun time can also be something that’s under the moon , then charter a bus to the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum for a romantic rendezvous under the moon.

St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum is located at 81 Lighthouse Ave, Saint Augustine, FL 32084 – a spot that your rented bus driver will easily find, especially if this is a place he’s always been sending his passengers for visits. Getting lost is something that will not happen when you travel in a rented bus with an experienced charter bus FL driver.

Visits to lighthouses are fun – for adults and kids alike. And it becomes even more interesting when you charter a bus to the lighthouses, and in this case, the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum. What makes this lighthouse extra special is that they have different types of guided tours for different types of groups – such as the “Dark of the Moon” tour where you will hear of stories of mystical and paranormal encounters of people who worked, lived or visited the Lighthouse and then you are given the opportunity to explore on your own too, “Behind the Scenes” tour presents visitors the chance to access into parts of the Historic Light Station that is not offered with general admission, “Sunset Moonrise” tour only happens once a month as the name suggests, you get to enjoy a sunset and full moonrise atop the Lighthouse, and last not but least, the “Lost Ships Tour” that allows you to one and half hour private tour with one of the Lighthouse’s archaeologists.

Whether you want to take your girlfriend there for a romantic rendezvous, or have a group of friends come with you on a trip to check out the “ghost stories” of the past at the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum, you will not regret making a trip here in the chartered bus. Even people who have fear of heights have walked right up to the top of the Lighthouse and totally enjoyed the beautiful scenery from atop! The steps leading to the top of the Lighthouse is not steep and are pretty wide too, so you don’t feel as though you are being squeezed into tiny flight of steps.

So, what are you waiting for? While most people will be busy planning their summer vacations with fun in the sun kind of activities, why not make this summer a little different – charter a bus and make it a fun under the moon outing for a change!

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