Monday, July 29, 2013

St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Speedboat Tours

In one short sentence, it is easy to describe the experience of speeding away in your very own speedboat - a once in a lifetime experience. The self-driven speedboat gives you absolute control over your own vehicle. The speedboat tour is narrated throughout the fifteen miles which starts off both from Tampa Bay or Florida’s St. Petersburg, so pick your start-off point and get the FL charter bus driver to bring you and your family and friends over for a chance to take a two hour tour of Florida’s gorgeous coastline.
The tour takes charter bus rental visitors around to popular coastal sites like the serene Tampa bay, the jaw-droppingly beautiful Sunshine Skyway Bridge and also all around to Florida’s much-appreciated National Wildlife Refuges and Fort de Soto Park. If perchance you are in luck, beautiful sea creatures will greet you during the tour and they include the likes of Bottlenose Dolphins, Manatees, Tortoises and of course, not to mention the fact that the sky will be filled with gorgeous local variety of birds.
Some may be worried if a license or specific experience is needed to operate a speedboat...the owners and operators assures us that it is completely possible and easy to navigate your very own F13 mini speed boat...and a very useful USCG-approved life jacket is not merely provided, it is compulsory for users of these speedboats to put them on before getting on the boats. Visitors will also be given driving guides before and during their tour.
The chance to take over the wheel of your very own mini speed boat comes extremely rarely if you stay and work in a downtown city area, so, we strongly recommend taking the opportunity to speed things up in the waters of Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg when the chance presents itself. It is, very much, a chance of a lifetime.
Our Florida charter bus rental customers have all rave reviews about their experience here, all saying that despite initially feeling a little anxious about their own ability to handle a speedboat, the witty guide offered much assurance as they guide them all along in their own speedboat. They were attentive and listened well to their concerns. It helped that the thirteen foot mini speedboats were comfortable and stable, on top of making the visitors feel very safe. Each of these powerful speedboats can sit up to three persons at any one time and feels pretty much like a car.
So, throttle on, folks, who are going to head over for the speedboat tour of your own and in the meantime, please do give Charter Bus FL a call right now to find out more about our FL charter bus rental rates for your group vacation, holidays or gatherings. we look forward to hearing from you very soon.