Thursday, October 31, 2013

Planning a Kid-Friendly Outing For the Kids in Florida

Are you a teacher or an event organizer trying to put together a school trip for young kids? Perhaps you are college counselor hunting for places to visit for your students during summer camp. Then we have just the right mix of suggestions and tourist attractions for you. If you are not currently looking for a place but think that our suggestions might come in handy to you in the near future, please feel free to bookmark this page and come back a little later when you are ready. We feel that the feedback and suggestions from our charter bus FL customers who regularly organize school field trips for their students will be useful to you.
Kids usually fall in head over heels in love with Hoggetowne Medieval Faire....simply because it is so different from all other ‘boring’ tours around museums and historical tourist attractions. They are held, every year, on two consecutive weekends so, if you miss one, you can always book a place for yourself the following weekend. Event organizers promotes their School Day annually and the reception is always overwhelming and if you book a place early, you stand a chance to win free education guide which can be used during the trip. Unique handicraft shops offer charming jewelry and hand-made items for sale and it makes perfect souvenirs for family and friends who are unable to join you for this charter bus FL exciting trip. You can bring along your own snacks, food and drinks but what they offer, which is medieval cooking, is far more interesting.
If that isn’t what you are looking for, there is always Rogers Farm and Corn Maze. The farm is family-owned and provides for hours on end of worthy entertainment and they are geared towards younger children. Teaching kids about farm life and nature is fun this way. What more are they treated to? How about a tractor pulling the children around the huge farm? Without fail, it always incites loud laughter and incessant squealing amongst the kids. Surprisingly, there are lot of animals in the farm’s petting zoo so, bring the kids over for a thrilling time getting to know the farm animals. After that, let them hop onto a giant jumping pillow and find their way through a fun mini-corn maze and try out an ingenious device called the Corn Launcher.
Set at an affordable rate, these family-friendly activities are designed, without a doubt, with kids in mind. Their aim is to let kids have some fun while learning something new about the world that they live in. Minus all the gadgets, electronic devices or internet. It will open up a whole new world to them, we reckon.

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